This corner is specially dedicated to all of you have something to share about Céline Dion with all other fans around the world. You can send me your picture (if you'd like) and the history in your own language, and if you have a way to translate to one of our 4 different languages, don't hesitate, send us :-)

The articles will be published according to its arrival time. Doesn't matter if it has happened before or after one or another. Just send it to us and share your feelings :-)

1) This is my trip to Canada. Why could you feel interested on it? Besides it was my very first trip outsite Brazil, it was the very first time I saw Céline Dion singing Live. [English] [Português] [chinese]
issue's date: Sep 25th 1999

2) To never let it die... here's an article about the Millenium's concert. [English] [Português]
issue's date: January 3rd 2000

3) Here's a fan-meeting which toke place in Germany. Related by our friend/translator Stefanie Spindler. [English] [Deutsch]
issue's date: December 3rd 2000

4) The Translation of the Michel Druker's interview quite before René Charles was born [Português]

5) Here's my friends and I on a very crazy trip to Montréal, just for Céline Dion! [English] [Português]
Issue's date: October 7th

6) Our french translator´s trip at the Millenium concert [english]
Issue´s date: Jan 4th 2002

7) Here´s the review from the CBS Special Taping, where i went together with a very nice friend, and it gave me the chance of meeting Céline [English] [Português] [Dutch]
Issue´s date: March 6th 2002

8) Visit our Las Vegas Section and read reviews from A NEW DAY's Concert written by some fellow fans in [Portugues] [Other Languages]
Since April 2003

9) Our Fan Meeting in Montreal, on Celine's Birthday, on March 30th 2003. [English] [Portugues]
Issue's date: April 15th 2003

10) Christa  went to Paris and wrote a short story on it. It's cool and has pictures of Céline. [English] [Dutch]
Issue's Date: October 12th 2005